The Opportunty Cost of deficient national educational & training provisions

The CESS-Cigány Economy Simulation System is an econometric model based upon a SPF-Structural Production Function. It calculates the opportunity cost of the inadequate provisions of primary & secondary education and vocational training in Hungary

There are three model sections which can be accessed from this page. Each is described and an access link provided.

1. Generates estimates for Roma and non-Roma populations for 1985-2025 and uses Roma earning capacity, employment rates and average GNP/capita to calculate a conservative GNP deficit.
2. Generates numbers of Roma and non-Roma in the school age population. It uses live birth rates only to provide an accurate indication of the make up of pre-school and school age populations.
3. generates estimates of the relative flows of Roma and non-Roma into the workforce age group, beyond school age and a more accurate determination of the GNP deficit.

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