" ancient Greek word signifying the achievement of a steady progress towards an objective through careful planning & the intelligent use of resources"

SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab was founded in 1983 by Hector McNeill. The purpose of SEEL was to track technological developments in information technology and, in particular, applications that make use of global networks. Our research & development work has been coordinated through the Seel-Telesis Development Programme.

Our approach is a systems engineering approach based on decision analysis and data reference modeling. This work has encompassed research, development of techniques, prototyping of software modules and logic devices1 and the commissioning of operational systems. All initiatives, to date, have resulted in a 100% success in achievement of practical implementations that have met or exceeded the original functional concepts. All output is currently operational.

Since our foundation we have been at the forefront of the following developments:
  • Locational state theory   (Locational state)
  • Locational state applications development:
    • Plasma DataBase   (Plasma Systems)
    • Accumulogs (blockchains) - largely in support of learning systems    (Accumulog)
    • Learning measurement
    • Biomass modeling

  • Virtual client technology development
    • Virtual client applications (used for SEEL & Navatec modules - not sold as oem, business or consumer products or services)

Most of these developments have provided significant advances in the identification of needs, information collection and decision analysis in the fields of renewable natural resource systems including natural environments and their ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries as well as conservation of soil and water resources.

We are the lead organization in research and development of the Real Incomes Approach to economics. This is the only macroeconomic model and policy propositions that are supply side in terms of policy instruments, decision incentives, the promotion of productivity, compensatory income distribution and accessible prices.

Our first spin-off was the creation of a unit,, in 2000, responsible for the commercial development of all SEEL-Telesis output. Navatec's operations are focused on leading edge online service provisions.

In 2010 we contributed to the foundation of the George Boole Foundation Limited (George Boole Foundation)

In 2016 all of our technology research and innovations were focused on the development and delivery of Navatec System, a new online service dedicated to a leading edge Project Process Cycle and Portfolio Management System (PPC&PMS) which will initiate service provisions in January 2018.

1  Since 1995 we terminated the design and implementation of logic circuits to concentrate on deductive logic for expert dialogs, AI embeds, and high powered server side cloud systems.

SEEL is the research centre of the The George Boole Foundation Limited
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